Tuesday, September 28, 2010

24 Hour Comics Day

it's this Saturday! I'm actually going to be doing my 24 hour comic in Lowell this year @ Larry's Comics "the 5th Largest, 11th Nicest Comic Shop in New England". I've actually never been there, because the last time I was in Lowell was like, 5th grade to visit the mills on a school field trip. My first year not participating up in Maine :( I will miss you crazy Portland comicers!

I think I'm going to do a similar thing that I tried a few years back but left early and never actually made any progress on. Instead of trying to create a whole new 24 page short comic, I'm just going to do 24 comic strips. I'm not sure if I'll be making 24 Apt C-3 strips, 24 2:15 strips, or 12&12 of each. We'll see... It'll be a good chance for me to take a break from my Ravenstar project and get a good chunk of my webcomic strips under my belt. Maybe it'll be the push I need to really get back in the groove with those.

In addition to being 24 Hour Comics Day, October 2nd also marks the 1 year anniversary of the opening of Jay Shay Gallery! We made it without going bankrupt! I still can't believe it's been a whole year since I opened up! How the time flies...

In other news- I'm moving to Ipswich in November with two of my friends from high school... who both now happen to be teachers. I am looking forward to apartment living again! Just hope I can afford it- AH!

Which reminds me, I still have my art up for sale: HERE
and am still always taking commissions: HERE

So toss a few bucks my way will ya?!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've decided to sell over 15 of my fan-art pieces that have been just sitting around in my studio. I would love to see them go to homes where they will be displayed somewhere other than my ugly portfolio file folder thing. If you're interested in any of these pieces, just send me an email!


I accept paypal, personal check & money orders! Shipping is included in all prices.

also, sorry for all the deviantart links- I didn't feel like reuploading all the images to blogger, because I'm lazy! Click on any image to see a larger version.

Penelo Pin Up $15

Penelo Pin Up by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Penelo is 9x12 and created with Watercolor, Ink, and Colored Pencil. She as a little ink scribble in the top left hand corner (not shown) And yes, I know her colors are wrong.

Clockwork Alchemist$25

Clockwork Alchemist by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Ed & WInry (with kitty) from Fullmetal Alchemist, Steampunked. They are also 9x12, though the actual "live area" of the painting is 9x10. Watercolor & Ink

Quickening Triptych $12

Quickening Triptych by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Featuring Penelo, Fran, and Ashe from FFXII preforming their Quickenings, each is a seperate 2.5x3.5 ACEO. Sold together as a set.

Sexy Mercury Pin Up $15

Sexy Mercury by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Sailor Mercury is SO sexy. 9x12. Watercolor & Ink

Repairs $30

Repairs by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

After what was most likely an epic battle, Makoto repair's Chibiusa's damaged Sailor Scout uniform. 9x12, live area of painting is 8.5x9.5 Watercolor & Ink

Tsubasa $10

Tsubasa Switch by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Sakura & Syaoran of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. 4x5.5 Watercolor & Ink

Dead Fantasy $10

Fantasy Switch by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Rinoa, Tifa, and Yuna of FFVIII, FFVII, & FFX, together from Dead Fantasy. 4x5.5 Watercolor & ink

Wonderland $10

Wonderland Switch by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Alice & The White Rabbit- my take on the characters of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 4x5.5 Watercolor & ink

Do you dance, Mr. Leonhart? $40

Do you dance, Mr. Leonhart? by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

I have mixed feelings about selling this one, because Pride & Prejudice and Final Fantasy VIII are 2 of my brother's favorite things! If you want this one, you best love them both as much as he does, lol! 9x12, live area is 9x9.5 Watercolor & Ink

Nana Chibis $10

Nana Chibis by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Nana and Hachi of Nana. 4x5.5 Watercolor & Ink

Pretty Soldier $30

Pretty Soldier by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Sailor Moon, lookin' badass! 9x12 Watercolor & Ink

I'm Awake $7

I'm Awake by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

I LOVE THIS ONE! I will cry if/when someone buys it! She is SO cool. Tamara Adama from SyFy's Caprica. 2.5x3.5 ACEO Watercolor & Ink

The Earthbender $50

The Earthbender by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

The only reason this one is so much more than the others is because I LOVE IT SO MUCH and the only way I'm letting it go is for a good price. Seriously, I might change my mind in a minute and not sell her! WAH SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! 12x9, live area 11x8.25 Watercolor & Ink

Zutara $40

Zuko & Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender, 9x12 Watercolor & Ink

Target's a Target $5

Target's a Target. by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

Hope & Lighting of FFXIII. 2.5x3.5 ACEO Watercolor & Ink

Ishida Wedding $30

Ishida Wedding by *jsheaisaninja on deviantART

DIGIMON My most recent piece. 9x5.5, Live area is 8x4.25 Watercolor & Ink

So there you have 'em! Feel free to spread the word about this sale too! Thanks a lot

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Checking In

So these last few weeks have been very strange for me. We had a death in the family that put most of my work on hold for the most part, but I'm starting to get back on track now.

Previously, I signed up to be part of Ohayocon's Artist Alley, which is a non-fanart alley (which seems weird to me, being an anime convention and all) So I've taken the opportunity to design my characters as adorable little chibis :) Not sure what I'll do with them yet... magnets? Stickers? keychains? any ideas? who knows... but look how cute!

I've also thumbnailed through Chapter Five! How accomplished! Right now I'm finishing up the watercolor panels that I had to re-do for chapter one, and it will be complete! That will feel good to have it finally fully finished.

On another note, I recently had a little breakdown (as all artists do) on the direction (or lack there of) that I am going as an artist- and a person in general really. But I've taken this as an opportunity to change things in my life. I'm currently looking into a new waitressing job at a more upscale establishment which will provide me with more money in less hours, opening up more time to dedicate to my art. Right now I feel like all I do is work at the restaurant, come home, and sleep. I also got offered to room with a few friends of mine, but considering my financial and home situations, I've decided now is not the best time. Perhaps next spring I'll finally get out on my own again. That will be nice.

In other news, I have also been wasting my time drawing fanart. So it goes...