Thursday, December 3, 2009

this and that

Digital Color! I'm learning! Those of you more skilled in the digital realm, what do you think? I'm pretty impressed with how it came out, so I'm happy :)

I know I've been doing a lot of fan art as opposed to original work lately, but it's fun and keeps me entertained so I'm not going to stop. I just need to work faster to have more time to do everything!

On that note, I did finally get my airship for my comic more or less figured out. I showed it to my Dad who went to school as Mass Maritime Academy and thus knows way more about ships than I do. He had some good input that helped out a lot, such as:

"What is that?"
"The Kitchen."
"The what?"
"The Kitchen."
"The WHAT?"
"....the galley?"
"There you go."

Still needs some tweaking, but this is the basic final version... I think, haha