Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ravenstar Chapter 1

These are the thumbnails for the first chapter of the new comic story I'm working on- "Ravenstar". It's a fantasy comic about sky pirates and witches. I really just wanted an excuse to draw goggles on a bunch of characters, and viola! I've started sketching and inking the first few pages (page 10 still doesn't exist, I have no idea how to lay it out... details, details...)

I want to have this first chapter done and printed and ready for the Maine Comics Arts Festival in May. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to have it done, just have to stick to my schedule. I also have all of chapter two thumbnailed, and half of chapter three. Thumbnailing is probably my favorite part of the comic making process. I need to stop doing that and actually get into the process of making the finished product.

I also commissioned a deviantArt artist, deathofrats to do a small watercolor of one of my characters- Princess. She made her look so much prettier than when I draw her, lol! I am very happy with it! You should all check out her work, amazing stuff!

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