Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So my brother came home last week with a pulled muscle in his back and told me to play videogames for him while he spent all day on the couch. So I rediscovered Final Fantasy 12, my second favorite in the FF family (after 8, of course) So this is Penelo, my favorite of the female characters. I might be her for Portcon... (but I have a feeling I'll be Miwako instead, because pink hair is the shit!)

Also, I have to get up @ 3am tomorrow to head out to Ohio for Tori's wedding. My list of things to pack:



Kori Michele said...

Ooh, and I totally have a pink wig.

What am I gonna be, though? Kinda want to do Lina Inverse or maybe a ranma character.

Send tweets from Ohio okay!

Anonymous said...

that's a supercool way to make a packing list

Todd said...

Oh, man! This is exactly what I need for a day of riding the pipes.