Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Snow.

Looks like we'll be having a White Christmas after all! The other night during the storm, I really wanted a pizza, but we couldn't get out of our street. So my family and I dressed up like idiots (see above) and hiked downtown. It was the most delicious pizza I've ever had in my life.

Hope everyone's enjoying the snow- and doesn't have to drive in it like I did this morning!


Kori Michele said...


Keep this up, this one rocks something serious.

Also I am buried in snow. We cooked Potatos because that is all we had. XD

Ryan said...

this drawing is awesome. i can see a distinctive likeness in this, it makes me miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

I have that same kind of hat, it's my favorite thing to wear. NICE portrait!

J.Shea said...

that hat's the best!

thanks all!