Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's hard to get your art on to your computer without a scanner. It's hard to get stuff off of your computer without a printer. The perfect solution: a printer/scanner.

I have two. They are both half broken. And the HP is BRAND NEW! kind of... I've had it for like, 5 months, but just hooked it up. HP is now strictly for printing, and Epson won't print no matter how much ink I feed him, so he's strictly scanning.

And as you can see, my tablet drawing needs some work.


Ryan said...

cheer up jess, in a year we won't have any computers that work and you can concern yourself with basic human survival.

Jamie said...

technology is too big a crutch! I hate it when the printer breaks!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I keep showing work from you and your awesome class to my current students. No visit to the train museum has been as fun as the one we made, which started it all. I miss you guys.
Keep drawing!

tstiene said...

yeah i had one of those combination things once... i might have thrown it off of a fire escape. oh wait no, i didn't, it's sitting broken in my closet....