Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm working on getting some more digital cut paper pieces together to make a print portfolio to shop around. This is one of my new works. I'm still not sure about the color of the line work around the face. Every time I look at it it's rubbing off on me. We'll see... I can always keep playing around with it.

p.s. I based this illustration off a guess add in one of my vogue magazines. I don't know the models name, but she looks like a maria to me.


Katie said...

this is my favorite of yours so far!!!
<3 z.

Mandi And Cache said...

I totally have the background scrapbook paper. And I agree about the outlines...maybe of the browns or red-oranges? At least on the lips.

It's still stunning though. You just have this amazing curve ability that makes everything flow so beautifully!

Mandi And Cache said...

PS I think part of the dark outline problem is just that we're used to seeing you outline with a lighter color, so it's different. Anyway. You're awesome.

Mandi And Cache said...


I just found this chick on etsy and thought you might enjoy her work.